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Warm up of Wang Xi of male team member of conquer of Guo Yue 3-2 surpasses brunt
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Beijing time on July 14 in the evening, deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to prepare for war in Heibei the Chinese woman ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games team, undertook match of warm up of the organization inside a public group, by the country main force of female team of ping Olympic Games meets the mixture team of female ping reserve and male player composition head-on. After Wang Nan, Li Xiaoxia obtains a victory continuously, guo Yue comes on the stage subsequently, her adversary is male player Wang Xi, guo Yue beat Wang Xi with 3-2.

Wang Xi is the snick hand that comes from Fujian, also be national group in accompany one of practice. He hits league matches in Germany at present, it is the country pings fine snick hand is compared outside the Ying Chaozhi that divide Hou. Wang Xi opens bureau hind to precede with respect to what obtain 4-2, although Guo Yue is apparently a few weaker on force, but she still depends on good technology to chase after score 6-6. Wang Xi uses tall condole arc continuously 8-6 of expand into of circle general score. Guo Yue chases after score again subsequently smooth, wang Xi chases after score 10-10 again subsequently. Guo Yue obtains the victory of the first bureau with 12-10.

After the 2nd bureau begins, two people are hassle becomes 1-1 first. Bureau phase Guo Yue erupts by right of oneself in the characteristic with very powerful force 6-3 of score expand into. Wang Xi chases after score 6-8 for a time, guo Yue scores bureau point with 10-6, wang Xi chases after 3 cent hind repeatedly, guo Yue called time-out for oneself. Wang Xi is not in this phase defend blindly, he captures an opportunity to undertake defending striking back, chase after score 10-10. Wang Xi chases after bureau cent with 12-10 smooth.

The 3rd bureau, guo Yue developed his characteristic adequately, those who obtain 5-2 is banner. Active error of this phase Guo Yue is very few, wang Xi is forced to reinforce attack below the circumstance with backward score, but his own flaw is exposed morely come out, wang Xi lags behind with 3-6. Although Wang Xi is hit very,have patience, the Guo Yue of tactical satisfy the need is rapid 9-5 of score expand into. Guo Yue takes next this bureaus finally with 11-6.

After the 4th bureau begins, wind of king dawn ball is very suitable luck is good also, his begin notchs continuously, those who obtain 4-0 is banner. Guo Yue appears a little impatient, the bureau in Wang Xi precedes with 7-2. The capability that Wang Xi controls match rhythm in this one bureau is stronger, what he obtained 9-6 is banner. Although Guo is jumped,chase after score tenaciously 7-9. Nevertheless Wang Xi wins finally with 11-9 issued this one bureau, subsequently. Guo Yue obtains a victory in bureau of decide the issue of the battle, beat adversary with 3-2, get a minute again for team of Olympic Games brunt. (Sohu sports red star boasts)
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