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Wang Nan says frankly warm up contest is worth to sum up a dot to give below one
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Beijing time on July 14 today evening, deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to prepare for war in Heibei the Chinese woman ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games team, undertook match of warm up of the organization inside a public group, by the country main force of female team of ping Olympic Games meets the mixture team of female ping reserve and male player composition head-on. What brunt one party takes the lead in coming on the stage is veteran king Nan, her adversary is the country pings Mu Zi of young young general. Wang Nan is advanced two bureaus are shown slightly conservative, the circumstance that loses two bureaus to lag behind with 0-2 first falls to chase after 3 bureaus repeatedly, with implementation of 3-2(8-11, 7-11, 11-7, 11-7, 11-9) big changeover beats adversary, win the first minute for brunt one party. The Wang Nan after contest expresses, some problems still need to be summed up well in warm up contest.

It is OK still that my whole develops “ today, because include the match inside the team, hitting the match continuously with Mu Ziyi recently, mutual between more familiar also, ” Wang Nan expresses to the reporter, “ can win the result that coming back also should be effort of my this period of time below the circumstance with backward 0-2 today. But there is one bureau match to be able to not grab an opportunity below the circumstance of 7-7 in before two bureaus, this still needs me to turn round to be summed up well. ”

The full team member that Wang Nan expresses to Chinese daughter pings now, include trainer and staff member to be saved in Heibei undertaking closing training surely, basically hope to be able to carry off on the Olympic Games namely champion, “ we must accomplish the process now best, do the relevant preparation that each respects encounter difficulty likely sufficient. This also includes present warm up contest, we find out a problem through the match of this kind of form, go training in what continue to have specific aim in time of these two days. ”

Final Wang Nan states special acknowledgment is being decided and countrywide friends care so, have deep love for Chinese ping-pong team, “ we are exclusive can redound obtains good achievement your on the Olympic Games this year namely, thank everybody very much! ” Wang Nan says. (Sohu sports Guo Jian / civil)

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