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Olympic Games of contest of warm up of Chinese female ping takes part in the mat
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Xinhua net Shijiazhuang on July 14 report (reporter Zhu Feng) deciding national ping-pong Education Foundation to prepare for war the Chinese daughter of the Olympic Games pings 14 days of evening held a warm up to surpass, the team of Olympic Games player that by Zhang Yi peaceful, Wang Nan, Guo Yue, Li Xiaoxia comprises all conquer adversary, keep complete get the better of military successes, but every score is more adjacent.

Veteran king Nan comes on the stage the first times be opposite a Mu Zi, nearly explodes an an unexpected winner, nan of two bureaus king was defeated by the head, next fortunately she adjusts tactics and state of mind in time, pull 3 bureaus repeatedly, with 3: 2 win instead of lose.

The Li Xiaoxia that comes on the stage subsequently and Guo Yue also encountered the tenacious nick of adversary, although this two people obtained a victory, but score is 3: 2. Zhang Yi comes on the stage the 4th times rather, adversary is male accompany Lian Gaoxin, zhang Yi is peaceful with 3: 1 get victory.

The 5th is installed to be doubles match, by Zhang Yi peaceful, Wang Nan is opposite a male player Wang Xi, Hu Bingtao, peace of result Zhang Yi, Wang Nan with 3: 2 win by a narrow margin.

Team of player of final Olympic Games with total score 5: 0 get the better of what obtained contest of this warm up completely. Bishop of female ping of the China after contest drills Shi Zhihao judges a dot to think, warm up is surpassed before the thing of training was shown completely come out, the performance of Olympic Games player is satisfactory, also achieved close through heating up body contest to examine the purpose of effect of assemble for training. After be better than of this field warm up, chinese female ping will continue to deciding those who undertake Beijing Olympic Games to prepare for war. (Be over)

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