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Shi Zhihao: It is better that condition of Nan of changeover conduce king promot
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Beijing time on July 14 today evening, deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to prepare for war in Heibei the Chinese woman ping-pong of Beijing Olympic Games team, undertook match of warm up of the organization inside a public group, by the country main force of female team of ping Olympic Games meets the mixture team of female ping reserve and male player composition head-on. Adversary of beat easily of 5-0 of female team of Olympic Games of final state ping. After contest, chinese daughter pings the bishop drills Shi Zhihao summed up the expression of a few top players.

“ I think Wang Nan, Guo Yue, Zhang Yi is peaceful, included Li Xiaoxia to still basically develop their level in today's warm up contest, everybody also can see them present condition. Pass training of more than 20 days, the achievement that we obtain is honest, ” applies guidance to divulge the Chinese daughter that says total bureau of state of delegate of deputy director general visited Cai Zhenhua to preparing for war in insecurity a few days ago pings, think the team introduced how to be mixed from the thought two respects come to the body treat the Olympic Games, will prepare the Olympic Games. Before “ paragraph we also undertook time the warm up contest inside the team, the likelihood has some of team member to be behaved is not very ideal, appeared a few problems, sum up through us, and the lecture of Director Cai, should say to be inside today's warm up contest 3 our athletes, include glow of reserve plum dawn, basically developed their level. ” Shi Zhihao thinks the match undertakes very intensely today, this is the result with similar photograph of actual strength of player of brunt of blame of team itself brunt, “ especially Mu Zi is right Zhen Wangnan. I can tell everybody, advanced 20 days close they had hit the match 3 times inside training, it is Mu Zi obtained a victory. The circumstance that so Wang Nan can lag behind in 0-2 today issues win instead of lose, the whole each confidence that should say pair of Wang Nan and condition can have very big gain. ” is in first today's match, veteran king Nan is in when facing Mu Zi to challenge, prevenient 3 bureaus are chased after repeatedly below the circumstance that loses two bureaus to lag behind with 0-2, with implementation of 3-2(8-11, 7-11, 11-7, 11-7, 11-9) big changeover beats adversary, win the first minute for brunt one party.

Shi Zhihao knows to think to review 4 Olympic Games that include Li Xiaoxia inside now to take part in the match player, opposite for Zhang Yi coulds there be and Li Xiaoxia's condition should compare Wang Nan and Guo Yue to get good little, “ Zhang Yi coulds there be to be developed more a few more outstandingly in today's match. The Zhang Yi in the match today meets ” head-on rather male player Gao Xin, get the better of with 3-1 battle as a result. Apply guidance to express tall in the match glad at the same time mentation is bad, add the manner that never has experienced CCTV spot direct seeding. Develop not quite ideally when following sportswoman match so.
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