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Shi Zhihao: It is better that condition of Nan of changeover conduce king promot
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Contest makes today's match and Olympic Games differ somewhat, although 5 dishes of matches also are 4 singles and a doubles, but not only Zhang Yi peace, Guo Yue, Wang Nan and Li Xiaoxia this 4 large main force go into battle of a suit of armour, and doubles also was in by arrangement the juniorest travel. The bright guidance that applies to this expresses, the form that warm up surpasses and Olympic Games cannot be differred too much, basically obtained the goal that take exercise through match team, “ we 3 athletes that sign up formally and Li Xiaoxia of athlete of a reserve, appear likely on Olympic Games competition ground, so should such many dozens of a few matches. ” applies guidance to say finally. (Sohu sports Guo Jian / civil)

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