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King Nan warm up is surpassed 3 than 2 big changeover Mu Zi points out there sti
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Hua Aoxing empty Heibei is being decided on July 14 report (reporter Li Xu) Chinese ping-pong female team prepares for war contest of Olympic Games warm up is deciding ping-pong Education Foundation to undertake in Heibei tonight. Head give out the Wang Nan of field prevenient below the circumstance that breaks two bureaus 3 than 2 changeover Mu Zi, beat Wang Xi of male double combination together rather with Zhang Yi / Hu Bingtao.

A few stations before ping goes to the country to deciding assemble for training are surpassed publicly in, wang Nan's performance is not good. The China of the middle ten days of a month was surpassed publicly in May and the Japan of after this makes public contest, whole 7 years outside the Wang Nan that fight does not suffer a defeat was defeated by Li Jiawei and Tang Na respectively. What need points out is, this is king Nan afterwards after the Olympic Games qualification March is surpassed the 2nd not enemy Tang Na.

The bright that practice of female team bishop applies accepts at that time when interviewing, express: Training of the period of time before “ Wang Nan gets insufficient system, there is bit of chaos on the thought, training a purpose is not very clear, not quite sturdy also. It is the practice of general only, reach the designated position without real practice, match achievement won't be so ideal. ”

Accordingly, before Shi Zhihao hopes to pass the Olympic Games close training, wang Nan can place a heart to come, practice arrives a few right things.

Today's warm up is surpassed, be first time is open after closing appear, wang Nan is shown come huge tenacity. In the match that is the same as young general Mu Zi, she with 8 than 11 and 7 than 11 be defeated by two bureaus first. In the match of after this, wang Nan finds feel gradually, with 11 than 7, 11 than 7 and 11 than 9 Liansheng 3 bureaus. “ is in continuously with Mu Ziyi recently dozen of match, mutual between more familiar also. Can pull finally come back, I feel basic satisfaction to him whole play. ”

Nevertheless, wang Nan thinks before “ two bureaus have one bureau match to fall to be able to not grab an opportunity in the circumstance of 7-7, this still needs me to turn round to sum up. ” and this also is the Olympic Games before close the meaning place of assemble for training.

“ we are actually all now team member, include trainer and staff member to close in this place training, must accomplish the process best, the difficult preparation that encounters each respects likely is done sufficient. Include present warm up contest, we also find out a problem through the match of this kind of form, go training in what continue to have specific aim in time of these two days. ”

Wang Nan expresses finally, connect so that suffer from even if hope to be able to carry off on the Olympic Games so now champion.

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