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Dragon of king bright horse gives battle world cup to cause guess Wang Liqin pay
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Male ping world cup will be in at the end of this month Belgian start shooting, but in this top class match, male team expedites Chinese ping-pong only Wang Hao, Ma Long two people take part in the match. What so scarce battle array caused the outside is a lot of guess, whether is this list the signal of new old replace? Marlene, Wang Liqin why by " does snow hide " ?

Without doubt, those who pass the Wang Liqin of 30 to be in hearsay eddy most center. Because state of very long period of time is small,confuse, it is very easy that Wang Liqin does not have world cup of predestined relationship male ping of team of coach of male team of ping of the country that be regarded as by the outside " cold storage " lift.

Wang Liqin expresses at this point, because the contest of the world cup makes abrupt change, can sign up for 3 people so take part in the match accident of quota of people decreases, become can report two people only. And this is Wang Liqin do not have the only reason along this match finally. "I believe to do not have other any objective or subjective reason, what do not have the outside to envisage more is complex in that way. " Wang Liqin says.

These words of Wang Liqin are not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. Go up in website of world cup government actually, still can see the trace that Wang Liqin takes part in the match. As we have learned, on the placard of Belgian place, still retaining Wang Liqin's head up to now, its body form is being held near the length of the half. In the information that can say to disclose in the government, nowhere is not showing sponsor just be opposite Wangli takes seriously frequently, and the result that he fails to show a body, can saying only is contest makes a cannot make up for regret after changing.

Speak of the plan that oneself did not come to, wang Liqin expresses, he does not think pair of outsides guess do overmuch comment. And the condition to oneself, wang Liqin also did not do any explanations, "Just beginning ' inorganic glue ' times, what I should do is to suit as soon as possible. What I should do is to suit as soon as possible..

Huang Yan of our newspaper reporter

(origin: Liaoning daily)

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