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"The hope will see you in world contest henceforth " -- Li Furong encourages han
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"Hope you cherish so good training condition, friendly affection of effort study, solidarity, identify exact cause, assiduous training, think more, master ceaselessly advanced, new technology, hit good foundation, drill well can one layer upon layer hit, dozen the team that enter a province, hit into national group, more outstanding be being hit into the Olympic Games also is possible, the hope will see you on world contest henceforth... " Li Furong of deputy director general of total bureau of sports of preexistence bound champion, former state is in 18 days afternoon base of mothball talent of sports of Gao Shuiping of unit of countrywide key ping-pong, country -- Zhenjiang, the young team member that comes up to crowding around people gave enthusiasm encourage.

Constellation of name of table tennis circles, show Li Furong of chairman of Asian ping-pong alliance this year already 66 years old, young when have in international table tennis circles " Apollo adds bomber " say, enter world ping contest 5 times on behalf of Chinese team, carry off 4 times runner-up of 3 male round champion, male singles (champion all is Zhuang Zedong) . Total coach of Chinese ping-pong team is held the position of to hold male team bishop concurrently to drill after, took Cai Zhenhua, Guo Yuehua to wait for a batch " complacent child " . Begin from the 33rd, li Furong takes a team to be Chinese team to ping carry off on contest in 5 worlds 22.5 worlds champion, ping the team was led to undertake the whole thing on contest in the 36th world 1981 especially all 7 champion, the history with initiate China the most brilliant table tennis circles.

In Zhenjiang city ping school attends a process in, li Furong listened to the brief introduction of Xu Ping of director of bureau of Zhenjiang city sports and Cao Naiyi of president of city ping officer; Stop browsed include world champion Wu Na, Qin Zhijian inside " the pride of Zhenjiang table tennis circles " glorious a list of names posted up, praise Zhenjiang past education carried a batch of fine athletes; Say to coach Qian Zhengfeng, little player technology cannot onefold, practice pats by-blow continuously also want half volley with push of experienced good thrust augmentation... before before leaving, li Furong is epigraph of school of Zhenjiang city ping gladly: "Breed seedling, motherland future " .

(origin: Wangqing of contributor of ping net specially invite is born in 08 - 9 - 19)

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