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Beautiful jade of big steed of having sth new yields cent not enemy Zhang Yi is
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Yesterday afternoon, besides had retired outside the busy Wang Nan that becomes a bride, the champion of 5 Olympic Gameses of Chinese ping-pong team goes out to be located in now revive the 8th middle school of Beijing of the door and the students that just term begins " compare notes " ball ability.

Did not arrive at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, wang Hao drives alone fighting spirit of a way is cross-country the car takes the lead in arriving at Beijing 8 in, just got off be surrounded by a gang student, accepted young reporters to resemble a model be being interviewed prettily. After Wang Hao arrives at half hour, zhang Yi peace, Marlene, Guo Yue and Wang Liqin also take in cling to the car arrived, 4 people appear at the same time, the students that let spot expect are hysterical.

Activity the first link is the Marlene that makes a person excited and Zhang Yi undertake between Ning Zhi " big fight of champion of Olympic Games of male and female " , before the match begins, compere says directly: "I announce the match begins now, marlene lags behind 3 minutes! " the spot a laugh.

The match begins luck of wheeler beautiful jade pretty good, hit 4 edge ball continuously, zhang Yi can laugh persistently only rather, but next, zhang Yi peaceful not decline to shoulder a responsibility is ultimate with 11 than 7 won this to hit one bureau only " a champion of infrequent Olympic Games of male and female is great battle (compere language) " . Among them a ball is Zhang Yi is smoked continuously rather 14 board hind take, every smoke one ball, spot audience cries greatly accordingly: "Zhang Yi is cheered rather! " back-to-back move is the 2nd to mix double match, wang Hao / Li Xiaoxia is opposite a Wang Liqin / Guo Yue, final Wang Hao / Li Xiaoxia won the match with the advantage of dichotomy.

(origin: Channel Metropolis Daily)

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