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Contest of cup of European ping-pong champion begins the country pings old brand
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Xinhua net Brussels on September 19 report (reporter Pan Geping) have Chinese ping-pong team " old brand accompanies practice " 19 days of evening are in the Wang Jianjun of the title Belgian Shaleluwa holds 2008 - ping-pong of Europe of 2009 sports season, with 3: The score of 0 (12: 10; 11: 7 with 11: 4) comfortable victory the radar of a place of strategic importance that on behalf of Spanish emperor a place of strategic importance Ba Sidi installs a team to come on the stage.

The Wang Jianjun that made of baked clay club of Belgian Sha Lelu just arrives at two days ago is developed that evening outstanding, the world before using about 30 minutes to will look only ranks radar of the 116th a place of strategic importance to be taken. After contest, wang Jianjun expresses, he just arrived Belgian ability two days, because natural environment refuses to obey,wait for a reason, at present the body suits not completely still.

Be chased after by adversary for a time when match of the first bureau 10: 10, nearly occurrence changeover. After contest, no matter be spot audience or sanded Le Lu,the teammate of made of baked clay club, coach is opposite Wang Jianjun that evening expression is satisfied. Outside dividing Wang Jianjun, the veteran great a place of strategic importance that straps Lu Wa team dene nots that evening show is same very outstanding, also with 3: The score conquer adversary of 0. The another team member, veteran division Bell that comes from Czech obtained Sha Lelu made of baked clay team to get the better of the military successes that loses. Such, sha Lelu made of baked clay team with 3: The total score of 1 was obtained 2008 - contest of cup of champion of ping-pong of Europe of 2009 sports season begins the victory of battle.

(origin: Xinhua net)

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