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Liu Guoliang: ┰ is sent say to put drip quite if? of form of Qiang Xiao needs
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The liquid state grandma of batch of Yi profit share is contained by fish 3 get together cyanogen amine. Does the sports star of milk of Daiyan Yi benefit have why impressions? Yesterday, the reporter contacts Chinese ping-pong male team advocate handsome Liu Guoliang.

Liu Guoliang introduces, about athlete of arrangement of national sports total bureau and trainer sign be signed with Yi interest firm at that time together, "We are collective autographs, knowing only is to give Yi Liniu to suckle dozen of advertisement, I other am not quite clear. " Liu Guoliang asks caringly: "Is the situation tight not serious? What is endangered to the person? The problem that which segment issues be after all? " listen to come out, liu Guoliang is quite anxious also. He says: "Gave a problem in my heart bad of course to suffer, consumer is harmed bad. We are willing to undertake a few remedy measure. If need cost of go back acting character, I am willing. " Du Juan of our newspaper reporter

(origin: Sichuan news network - Chengdu business signs up for)

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