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Bridge of country of Liu of king Nan support retreats Dai Yan to expend act adve
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Morning paper dispatch (reporter He Pengnan) Chinese ping-pong male team advocate the spokesman that handsome Liu Guoliang once was Yi Li product. The partial milkings in Yi Li by fish problem hind, liu Guoliang expresses: "About athlete of arrangement of national sports total bureau and trainer sign be signed with Yi interest firm at that time together, gave a problem in my heart bad of course to suffer, consumer is harmed bad. We are willing to undertake a few remedy measure. If need cost of go back acting character, I am willing. I am willing..

And this one act of Liu Guoliang also gets the support of the person such as Wang Nan, wang Nan expresses: "At that time really the Yi Li that a lot of athletes and trainer are collective autograph, this kind of him grandma also has been drunk, did not think of to be able to give a problem. The way with direct Liu is worth affirmation, if he takes the lead, we can support him for certain. If he takes the lead, we can support him for certain..


Milkings of acting character of many sport star

Among the sports star of acting character dairy products, tian Liang ever had held the position of the figure spokesman of bright milk industry, brilliant of brilliant of Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian, Guo, Wang Nan, Marlene, Wang Hao, Lin Dan, Xie Xingfang, Bao Chun comes, Liu Guoliang, Li Yongbo had attended. Acting character crosses Ding Junhui and Pan dawn graceful Meng Niu's product.

(origin: Morning paper of weather government office)

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