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List of male ping world cup: Bright of king of absent of equestrian beautiful ja
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Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on September 20 message, world cup of male 2008 ping will local time on September 26 - day of 28 days of Belgian rows is held. Beautiful jade of horse of champion of Beijing Olympic Games exits a world cup to surpass because of reason, bright of king of the champion that defend crown and dragon of young general horse will hit out hand in hand, strive to be held in both hands for China pot of male single champion.

3 people attended Marlene, Wang Hao and Wang Liqin together the contention of match of male single of Beijing Olympic Games, among them, already the Marlene of champion of collect world cup, Olympic Games exited current world cup to surpass because of reason; And Wang Liqin is ranked by the world dragon of horse of tertiary young general is replaced. And Wang Liqin is ranked by the world dragon of horse of tertiary young general is replaced..

The male ping world cup 2007 is surpassed on, of extraordinarily brave of king bright condition with 4 more diligent than Marlene of 0 0 this Qian Liansheng and Wangli Korea famous general Liu Chengmin, ascending throne of champion of male single world first while, also signed up for final of Athenian Olympic Games " the enemy of one arrow " . Carry off on Beijing Olympic Games the Wang Hao of runner-up with Wei Mian current world cup surpasses the identity go out for a battle of champion, seek defends crown to become his main task.

Fight side-by-side with Wang Hao, will be the Ma Long that replaces Wang Liqin go out for a battle. Liu Guoliang is in of refer horse dragon when taking part in the match, express: "Equestrian dragon world is ranked the 3rd, it is Asian champion, 2012 (London Olympic Games) the key fosters an object, it is to attend of course this year the first selection of the world cup. " in addition, liu Guoliang also conceals none express: "I take champion namely to Ma Long's requirement, this his opportunity should compare Wang Hao big. " " if he can grab this opportunity, with one action takes champion of next world cup singles, right 2012, there is huge action in the position in the team later to him. Reform can be brought possibly (brunt) sequential change, to young team member, randommer opportunity is greater. " if Ma Long can be successful,ascend a top, this will be the champion of world of first men's singles of his profession career.

Germany and Korea are a country as before the adversary with the most worth while and vigilant ping: Korea respect, be blocked by Gao Lize unexpectedly on Beijing Olympic Games in 16 strong other places Liu Chengmin cannot be ignored as before, wu Shangyin of Korea famous general is the closest position is good; The actual strength of Er of two Dai Jintong wave and Aokaluofu nots allow small gaze. In addition, a place of strategic importance of Belgian famous general nots, Austria of champion of preexistence ping contest these veteran such as Shilage and Greek Gelinka also may erupt at any time tremendous energy.
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