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The country pings in be boreal plain, learn to contribute champion of 4 million
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The country pings in be boreal plain, learn to contribute champion of 4 million Olympic Games to visit disaster area people (graph) Report from our correspondent (civil / the graph is embraced together army reporter Qing Xinghai) yesterday afternoon, ping group grooms in center, visit here the north of the life, study plain middle school teachers and students, contribute money for the school 4 million, donated a batch of sporting goodses to this school at the same time.

According to national sports total bureau pings Liu Fengyan says a central head, in 5 · 12 earthquakes happen hind, chinese ping-pong team is preparing for war Beijing Olympic Games, fail the spot is participated in aseismatic provide disaster relief, but the life that all trainer of Chinese ping-pong team, team member and staff member always are paying close attention to disaster area common people. It is disaster area contribution for many times. After Beijing Olympic Games ends, chinese ping-pong team did arrangement instantly, want to visit stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses to disaster area, let all team member heart get be depuratived further. Boreal plain county looks around yesterday, after the teachers and students that visited boreal plain middle school, everybody is touched for the mental place of disaster area people.

(origin: Sichuan is online - China on the west Metropolis Daily)

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