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Wang Liqin denies " Li Wei to love " agent to call its emotional life still is v
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Morning paper dispatch (exercitation reporter Hu Minjuan) a few days ago, wang Liqin of ping-pong world champion and actor Zhao Wei are patted go together the photograph that cafeteria has a meal, draw bound of a style " Li Wei is loved " guess. To this, wang Liqin makes through agent Miss Pan clear: "I did not do everything, I am blameless absolutely. " at the same time he still states he busies all the time training, talk about love without time, he Zhaowei also is friend relation only.

To the Wang Liqin of outside hearsay the girlfriend has its person additionally, it is to come from the girl that Shanghai dancing group calls graceful graceful, and the time that two people interact to had had more than two years. Wang Liqin agent also states designedly: Two people already did not have any connection at present. To will coming the choice of daughter-in-law, father Li Furong of Wang Liqin has his opinion early: "Talk about a friend to want when to notice, above all the career that this individual must support him. Additional, also want to think pa Mom appropriately, consider a consideration for us. The most important, it is to be able to love Wang Liqin lifetime. " believe all parents have such idea, child lifetime happiness is his biggest hope.

(origin: Sichuan news network - Chengdu business signs up for)

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