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Encourage of king of equestrian beautiful jade does not have world cup of predes
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List of male ping world cup is announced

Dispatch of new wall bulletin (reporter Wu Luting) recently, net of ping couplet official announced international to attend this year the list of man ping-pong world cup, beautiful jade of horse of champion of Olympic Games male single and Wang Liqin do not have a predestined relationship this second match, chinese team expedites bright of young general king and Ma Long two people take part in the match.

Beautiful jade of horse of champion of Olympic Games male single exited current race because of reason, another veteran Wang Liqin is ranked by the world dragon of horse of tertiary young general is replaced, refer cause, the bishop drills Liu Guoliang expresses: "Adjust and getting used to ability to differ is the main reason that Wang Liqin takes part in the match without the predestined relationship. " German team and Korea team still are a country the adversary with the most worth while and vigilant ping, the actual strength of Liu Chengmin, Wu Shangyin and German wave Er and Aokaluofu nots allow small gaze. In addition, a place of strategic importance of Belgian famous general nots, Austria of champion of preexistence ping contest these veteran such as Shilage and Greek Gelinka also are to have the actual strength that contends for gold.

Male ping world cup will come 28 days to list day to undertake in Belgium on September 26, 16 players cent is 4 groups, every give a line before the group two times to undertake 1/4 final, champion will go out late definitely on September 28.

(origin: Golden sheep net - new wall bulletin)

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