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Liu Guoliang wishs Fei Wangnan supports acting character of advertisement of go
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Be involved in of sport big wrist " milk powder door "

Sports star

Dai Yan introduces

Yi Li: Ping-pong of brilliant of brilliant of Yi Jianlian, Liu Xiang, Guo, country badminton of team of diving of team, country, country the team

Meng Niu: Ding Junhui, Pan Xiaoting

Dai Yan of go back of Liang Yuan meaning expends Liu country

Wang Nan: "I also had drunk milk " small sunshine be willing contribution cure little patient

"Incident of 3 deer milk powder " after erupting, the star such as the Deng Jie that ever did Dai Yan for 3 deer brand, Ni Ping got censure. Subsequently the country pledges report of check total bureau gives furnace, manufacturer of 22 milk powder of countrywide detects in 69 batch product piece 3 get together cyanogen amine (include Meng Niu and the product such as Yi Li) , the more star be involved in that this lets be these milk powder acting character " milk powder door " , include star of a few sports among them, they were in in succession recently the manner that comes out to make clear oneself for a short while.

Chinese ping-pong team once took the place of character crosses Yi benefit milk, male team bishop drills Liu Guoliang is to appear in the advertisement that Yi Liniu suckles for many times more. Appear at present such circumstance, liu Guoliang also appears special astonish: "Is the situation tight not serious? What is endangered to the person? The problem that which segment issues be after all? The problem that which segment issues be after all??

Memory at the outset, liu Guoliang states firm of interest following Yi signs is national sports about total bureau arranges athlete and trainer to sign together: "We are collective autographs, knowing only is to give Yi Liniu to suckle dozen of advertisement, I other am not quite clear. " Liu Guoliang expresses, gave a problem he is bad also to suffer, he is willing to adopt a few remedy measure, "If need cost of go back acting character, I am willing. I am willing..

Wang Nan: "I also had drunk milk "

Wang Nan of female team player expresses Chinese ping-pong: "Yi Liniu suckles me to also had been drunk, did not think of to be able to give a problem. " the practice that one elder sister also supports Liu Guoliang very much, "The way with direct Liu is worth affirmation, if he takes the lead, we can support him for certain, dai Yan expends go back, I also am willing. I also am willing..

Yesterday morning, national sports total bureau pings Liu Fengyan is aimed at a central director this matter expresses, the problem that expends about Dai Yan is not Chinese ping-pong team of can independent processing, need complies with the arrangement that total bureau leads.

Small sunshine be willing contribution cure little patient

The Ding Junhui that hitting Si Nuo to overcome allied cup in England once took the place of the product that character crosses Meng Niu, this also is acting character of table tennis prodigy is the biggest a product. "Acting character product produced such thing, ding Junhui feels very distressed with uneasiness, we 1% what understand rejected product to be less than product of unconscious ox all fronts for a short while. Nevertheless, ding Junhui or the consumer to the broad product that cheat an ox and billiards confuse excuse. The cure that we also are willing to contribute a partial money to be used at calculous baby and restore, specific plan will go back to the motherland this month in Ding Junhui consultative later roll out again. " agent Zhang Meng of Ding Junhui made a response with the rapiddest rate.
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