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Wang Liqin of where the wind and the waves are highest denies world cup of the p
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Man world cup will be in at the end of this month Belgian start shooting, but before contest, the Chinese team of an accidental exposure takes part in the match list, was read by accident by media however " change " begin. Because be in this top class match, chinese male team expedited Wang Hao, Ma Long only two people take part in the match, so scarce battle array brings about sensitive media to guess whether this list is the signal of new old replace in succession, or, it is a certain person be about to " retire " adumbrative.

Without doubt, the Wang Liqin that has passed 30 is in hearsay eddy namely most a that of the center. Mass media thinks state of his near future is small fan, be in especially brand-new " inorganic glue " the expression in antagonism flatly, its do not have predestined relationship world cup is by drill team " cold storage " a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood. Do not have the conjecture of cause to this, also feel even him Wang Liqin quite helpless.

A few days ago, the reporter contacted Wang Liqin. Phone his that sound is quite quiet, can say to return even some are relaxed. He tells a reporter, because world cup contest makes abrupt change, the accident of quota of people that can sign up for 3 people formerly decreases, become can report two people only. And this is the only reason that he fails finally to enter the court. "I believe to do not have other any objective subjective perhaps reason, what do not have everybody to envisage more is complex in that way. What do not have everybody to envisage more is complex in that way..

These words of Wang Liqin are not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. Go up in website of world cup government actually, still can see the trace that Wang Liqin archives leaves. And on the placard that is in Belgian place, just just also removed next its figure to change Wang Hao. In the information that can say to disclose in the government, nowhere is not revealing them to Wangli takes seriously frequently, and he fails to show competition ground of body world cup, can saying only is contest made a cannot make up for regret after changing stop.

As to the plan that oneself did not come to. In the phone, wang Liqin expresses not to want to make too much comment to the conjecture of the outside, and the condition to oneself, he also did not make any explanations. Just express to just beginning " inorganic glue " in the times, he still is searching that his beat, in order to get used to all sorts of change on ball feeling, he won't go to other issues care.

(origin: News morning paper)

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