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Wang Liqin is responded to formally with Zhao Wei red hears dancing girl already
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Wang Liqin is responded to formally with Zhao Wei red hears dancing girl already was the past (graph)

Circulate on the net " Li Wei swims together " photograph

Wang Liqin is responded to formally with Zhao Wei red hears dancing girl already was the past (graph)

Graceful graceful (in) already was yesterday chrysanthemum

Calmed a year of half " Li Wei is loved " , because of the photograph that a group of netizens upload, the amour of your king Li Qin, Zhao Wei becomes people to heat up the topic that discuss again.

Since the beginning of the year was caught a few times to pat alone appointment by media 2007, wang Liqin and Zhao Wei did not give the relation of two people next definition all the time. This, when two people hand in hand after the photograph of go on a journey is made public again, only Wang Liqin's agent appears personally express, wang Liqin says: "I did not do everything, I am blameless absolutely " .

Shed the photograph that passes this, with dog young track of purpose different, be a netizen completely is inadvertently insert willow. Much at 1 o'clock on September 5 afternoon, a gules SUV that Zhao Wei, Wang Liqin drives passes Shandong churchyard some freeway serves an area, black of Wang Liqin a suit does not have knickers of sleeve T-shirt, motion, and the Zhao Wei on driver's seat also is outfit of skirt of a suit black.

The Wangli after getting off is diligent, wearing a pair of wide black sunglasses, walk along service division and meet and discuss of a friend directly, two people sit in the chitchat on a piece of table, one person wanted a bowl of big noodle. Ate two buccal hind at will in pallet roadside cafeteria, two people go to SUV. This friend sits driver's seat, and Zhao Wei and Wang Liqin sit to back row locally. This group in all 9 pieces photograph, recorded the whole process that they rest in service division thoroughly.

After be being passed according to laminar flow, then is caused again piece " Wang Liqin loves really is the dancer that is called graceful graceful " wait for a message. And right now Wang Liqin is following Chinese ping-pong team to be in boreal plain middle school visits the teachers and students over there.

Actually, the person beside Wang Liqin knows, although this is called the young girl of graceful graceful to ever was in,28 years old of birthday make public Wang Liqin on the meeting appear, but as hind of half an year " Li Wei is loved " rise to surface, graceful graceful already was yesterday chrysanthemum. The response that agent of Wang Liqin of no less than makes subsequently is same, two people already did not have any connection at present.

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