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Ban glue to make " Ling Huiceng of aperture of bridge of country of Liu of roily
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Team of Chinese man ping-pong was playing the newspaper of at the last gasp of the world cup to go up Wang Hao and Ma Long two people, and abandoned " the king of the world cup " Marlene, it is undoubtedly " hind Olympic Games times " a when swear to exercise new personality puissant signal. But in the juncture that often has sex so newly, look of a sound does not get us to ignore, the horizontal sky that is inorganic glue then is born.

Want to review the history only, meet those who discover international ping couplet reform the specific aim with be had stated to Chinese table tennis circles every time. Carry out in those days serve without keep out, bring about Liu Guoliang to hang directly pat retire, and the big ball game that carries out after 2000 is made, it is to make more till Kong Linghui retires to fail to take champion of singles of an open competition. Can say, chinese team can ping suffer heavy casualities under the reform of couplet in international every time, this inorganic glue may be not exceptional also.

Occupy Yu Bin of vice director of ping feather center to divulge, be in early actually this year the beginning of the year, national group has been in 2, begin to popularize inorganic glue in 3 lines line, and top player, resemble Wang Liqin Zhang Yi coulding there be especially such " leading light " , drill team is stemmed from prepare for war with all one's strength the consideration of the Olympic Games, all the time have not lets them had touched this new thing, and after this carries out this one reform in the round from September 1 namely, the main reason of horse of sift of world champion confused.

On new personality, veteran dies young, just of situation of Chinese table tennis circles because " suit early or late " reason and temporarily out of control. The two Chinese ping-pongs that Zhou Qian holds in Shanghai make public contest, it is the first battlefield that international pings couplet carries out inorganic glue in the round first, more direct test and verify of inorganic glue " annihilative " , in this match, the conquer making Xin that is Shanghai record player together Wang Liqin, and final conquer of young general Hao Shuai Wang Hao, took " inorganic times " champion of the first male single.

Be worth what carry is, this match and the male ping world cup that hold in Jiangsu Yangzhou 8 years ago are extremely similar, world cup of male 2000 ping also is the Olympic Games falls the behind the curtain is controlled 20 days hold, this contest is to enable a diameter 40 millimeter " big ball " first international match. As a result this match famous general loses in succession, the Er inside heart of made of baked clay Er of Kong Linghui of Olympic Games champion, runner-up fails even the group gives a line. Champion winner is beautiful jade of horse of Chinese new show actually, just encounter lose an election he what the Olympic Games hits, proved oneself actual strength with champion of a world cup.

Nowadays, the history got whacking " duplicate " . On the competition ground that in Chinese ping-pong large award surpasses, and use organic glue 20 old veteran are compared, young Xu Xin gets used to the inorganic glue that changes newly more easily, "Rotate dropped a lot of, play the effect instead pretty good still " ; And with the activity after the Olympic Games the ceaseless, Olympic Games champion that lacks training is compared, the person such as Xu Xin, Hao Shuai trains together with other teammate all the time, energy and physical strength are more abundant, because encourage of this conquer king is diligent, take Wang Hao not accidental. For the word that uses an expert, inorganic glue is a watershed of Chinese table tennis circles probably, in those days the new personality such as Marlene in succession the circumstance of begin to crop up, come very likely again this year " copy not go out of form " .
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