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This week opens male ping world cup Ma Long gives dozen of Wang Hao purpose of b
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Guo Liqun) world cup of male 2008 ping will on September 26, in Belgian row 28 days day is held. Yesterday, international pings couplet announced the team member list that attends Bencibi to surpass on its government website. Besides before after the Wang Liqin that is troubled by bubbling with noisely does not have incident of predestined relationship world cup, beautiful jade of horse of champion of Olympic Games male single also exited match of current world cup, be replaced by Greek Gelinka.

Ping-pong world cup and what differ before is every association signed up only at most two athletes, is not 3, chinese team defends bright of crown champion king to be seleted follow a rational line to do some work well, and Wang Liqin's position is ranked by the world what Ma Long replaces tertiary. The purpose that guidance of Liu country bridge exercises Wang Hao, Ma Long is very clear.

After the Olympic Games, marlene's condition fails to adjust all the time come over, the Chinese ping-pong that holds last week makes public contest to go up, semifinals loses Yu Haoshuai to go out unexpectedly bureau, just he of champion of classics collect world cup, Olympic Games this second because reason exited current world cup,also surpass.

The main rival of Chinese ping-pong team still is centered in Germany and Korea, er of wave of preexistence bound champion and supernova abstruse force highlights Qialuofushi, beautiful of technology of Zhu Shihe of runner-up of bound of the Liu Chengmin of champion of Athenian Olympic Games of Korea, preexistence, all spelling interest; Additionally Austrian Shilage, Belgian a place of strategic importance nots is not the generation of general.

Male ping world cup is divided into 4 groups to undertake odd loop match, every acquire right giving a line before the group two times, 8 strong undertake 1/4 final, semifinal, till finals produces final champion. This also is match of ping-pong of the 2nd of inorganic times large man, bright of king of the champion that defend crown and dragon of young general horse whether continuance country ping is brilliant, be worth to expect.

(origin: Shijiazhuang daily)

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