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Coronate of world cup of dragon of horse of reshuffle of order of male ping brun
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The Olympic Games ended, new regulation was executed, and the prospective chair of Chinese male ping looks also want reshuffle. International pings couplet affirmed male ping world cup a few days ago take part in the match list, chinese team will carry young general Ma Long go out for a battle of 20 years old by king bright, beautiful jade of horse of champion of Olympic Games male single exits the match because of oneself cause, and the position of veteran Wang Liqin is replaced by Ma Long.

Have " the king of the world cup " the Marlene that say has carried off 4 times before this world cup champion, this hopeful realizes the great exploit of 5 coronals king this year, nevertheless he still chose finally to exit this match. Train without the system, body state not beautiful, the likelihood is main reason. When coming to Shanghai before long afore, marlene expresses, the knock in training because of the hand arrived ball stage, and did not attend systematic training after the Olympic Games, inorganic to suiting glue still needs time. Marlene's word also got confirm, in the match that Chinese ping-pong surpasses publicly, he is in semifinals not enemy Hao is handsome, go no further 4 strong. To Marlene, spend exhaustion period first, get used to the new bat after banning glue to make promulgate well, enter a contest again, also the best thing to do of can yet be regarded as.

Compare Marlene, wang Liqin's trouble is bigger, his individual champion barren arrives to still was not broken now all the time, door mouth is returned to fight after the Olympic Games takes singles Ji Jun, wang Liqin is taken unexpectedly by Xu Xin of Shanghai young junior fellow apprentice, lian Bajiang was not entered. Encourage to its from beginning to end before the Olympic Games have add advocate handsome Liu Guoliang, had shown to the dissatisfaction of child without involuntary discharge of urine, the care of can of future of Chinese male ping that he comes forth in large numbers to new personality. This Wang Liqin is ranked by the world dragon of horse of tertiary young general is replaced directly, liu Guoliang hit the mark with a single comment: "Adjust and getting used to ability to differ is the main reason that Wang Liqin takes part in the match without the predestined relationship. "Adjust and getting used to ability to differ is the main reason that Wang Liqin takes part in the match without the predestined relationship..

Actually, chinese male ping since the Olympic Games the end had entered cycle of another Olympic Games, liu Guoliang is shown early with respect to the earth's surface of call a spade a spade, before the team will not resemble an Olympic Games again in that way around move Wang Hao, Marlene, Wang Liqin 3 people, and can give a youth more opportunities. When refer horse dragon replaces Wang Liqin to take part in the match, liu Guoliang points out straight from the shoulder: "Equestrian dragon world is ranked the 3rd, it is Asian champion, he was 2012 the key of London Olympic Games fosters an object, it is to attend of course this year the first selection of the world cup. This I ask to his even if take champion, his opportunity should compare Wang Hao big. His opportunity should compare Wang Hao big..
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