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The country pings will handsome 15 people north plain condolatory student in suc
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Zhi) the journey of condolatory disaster area that 15 people end group of Chinese ping-pong team two days, return Beijing yesterday.

The bright that national sports total bureau pings bishop of a central director Liu Fengyan, male ping drills practice of bishop of Liu Guoliang, female ping is applied, still have world champion the 15 people such as Zhang Yi peace, Marlene, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin are visited in continous this world expressed sympathy and solicitude for be in epicenter of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River suffers the north that inflict heavy losses on plain middle school student. Team member people still go up in ball stage with students argue ball ability, a female classmate that gets Zhang Yi signs rather is so excited that a female classmate that gets Zhang Yi signs rather hot tear is filled with the socket of eye. Chinese ping-pong team is northerly still plain the middle school donates 4 million yuan to mix many sports equipment.

(origin: Sichuan news network - Chengdu business signs up for)

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