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The country pings Olympic Games champion arrives boreal plain is condolatory wil
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Shu Jiang) last week 6, the Olympic Games champion of Chinese ping-pong team people, of the bright that drills in male team bishop practice of bishop of Liu Guoliang, female team is applied guide below, from this world of continous of Beijing non-stop flight to, arrive disaster area of boreal plain earthquake is condolatory, grieve over. Group of champion of ping Olympic Games still comes the country new campus of boreal plain middle school is condolatory, sports total bureau pings Liu Fengyan announces a central director, the country pings will northerly plain the middle school donates 4 million yuan of cash and equipment of a batch of sports.

The country pings group of Olympic Games champion already returned Beijing midday yesterday. This week, the male ping world cup that the country pings male team undertakes go out for a battle in Belgium. Wang Hao, Ma Long general gives battle on behalf of Chinese team, li Jing of player of Hong Kong of plain ping brunt, China also will take part in the match.

(origin: Sichuan news network - Chengdu evening paper)

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