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The king abdicate of the world cup gives new personality Liu Guoliang: Allocate
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World cup of ping-pong of 2008 international man will be in morning paper dispatch 26 days this month Belgian row day leaves formally pat, yesterday, international ping couplet affirms the contest takes part in the match formally list, chinese team is mixed by bright of king of the champion that defend crown dragon of horse of Asian cup champion gives battle, ever 4 seize world cup champion and have " the king of the world cup " the contention that the Marlene of champion of Beijing Olympic Games of the title exited current world cup.

Beautiful jade of factual mount a horse has the message of absent world cup early the hearsay, to this, the bishop drills Liu Guoliang expresses, "This is to allocate the athlete's contest on average to take part in the match opportunity, wang Liqin, Marlene is long the veteran of classics battlefield does not go, exercise an opportunity to give Ma Long such young team member just about. " (Zhang Zhiling)

(origin: Morning paper of weather government office)

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