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Dragon of horse of bright of new periodic king assumes bridge of country of impo
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World cup of 2008 male ping 26 days of battle, international ping couplet was announced yesterday take part in the match list, chinese group goes You Wanghao and equestrian dragon battle, because quota of people is restricted (every association takes part in the match 2 times only at most) of quota of people, beautiful jade of two veteran horse and Wang Liqin take part in the match without the predestined relationship.

Male ping world cup is the highest norms match of the male single, before including to defend crown champion, each continent champion and world rank 6 wait for 16 players to take part in the match. In the list that international pings couplet is announced, wang Hao general takes part in the match with defending crown champion identity, new Rui Malong depends on world rank to be seleted. Burr, Gao Ning represents Europe and Asia to take part in the match respectively, liu Chengmin, Zhu Shihe, Zhuang Zhiyuan, Li Jing and abstruse Qialuofu takes part in the match by right of world rank, the card outside Amphitryon gave veteran a place of strategic importance to not, shilage and Gelinka obtained international to ping get stuck outside couplet.

After entering cycle of London Olympic Games, young Wang Hao and equestrian dragon will assume a more important role apparently. After Chinese ping-pong is surpassed publicly, the bishop drills Liu Guoliang has disclosed, can allocate an athlete on average to attend the opportunity of the contest, exercise the Xin Rui such as Ma Long morely. "I ask to what Ma Long takes part in the match even if take champion, convert inorganic glue is a chance to him, this his opportunity should compare Wang Hao big. " Liu Guoliang expresses, "If can take world champion, build confidence to him, prepare for war London Olympic Games will be very advantageous 2012. Prepare for war London Olympic Games will be very advantageous 2012..

(Lei of reporter wool 烜 )

(origin: Capital times)

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