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Course covers four years Dr. Masters - behind the birth of the Chinese Table Te
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China has been quite politically in table tennis, are trying new ways to lead the system, and should "lean" the internal problems and the "uncontested top dog" of international pressure. This is the only one so the University College for professional tennis, it will have the academic qualifications from undergraduate to doctoral education, and experienced a few years the central and local trade-off, eventually dubbed the name of China. And those who train to win the ultimate goal machine different from the traditional sports schools in China Institute of Competitive table tennis players of failure, as well as university graduates the opportunity to choose another path, not the gamble of life . Dissatisfaction on the face of international, Chinese Table Tennis Academy for their training opponents charged with the task to avoid the "uncontested top dog" of the criticism; and planning in the overseas branch of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy Programme, the ambitious Is similar to the Confucius Institute, as dissemination of Chinese soft power. Chinese table tennis had surgery to yourself. Despite half a century, the traditional system has been brought to its myriad of international glory and political status, but talent crisis and under pressure of international criticism has been allowed; and Also can not meet the rising ambition of Chinese table tennis. September 17, investment 130 million, so the table tennis world, the only college for the professional Institute - China Table Tennis Academy unveiled at the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, in accordance with the rules Program, which is why the "China" named after the College to 4-year undergraduate academic structure, and gradually cover the master's and doctoral training. And those who train to win the ultimate goal machine different from the traditional sports schools, the State Sports General Administration and the Shanghai government to build the institute, determined to take the "people-oriented" Combination of the road - to a culture in service Technology, a high level of world champion; to retire can have a decent job, not like a weightlifting champion Zou as Cuozao living. One-child generation of parents no longer want to gamble in life, a child 10 years ago, table tennis seedlings to encounter this election crisis, the Institute for the birth of the Chinese table tennis background. "China 'Combination' of Demonstration base ", is just the first step in its strategy, which the world's only institution of higher learning and a larger table tennis ambition -" If a country dominate the game, it is difficult to have the opportunity to demonstrate to other countries. "In the face The similar international dissatisfaction with the Chinese culture for their opponents to avoid the "uncontested top dog" of the criticism; branch of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy, will also be similar to that of Confucius Institutes. Table Tennis Academy in planning promotional programs overseas branch of the Confucius Institute to some extent replicate the model: co-operation with foreign countries authorized to provide housing, funding and personnel, and accept the guidance of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy . "Our goal is to provide global training table tennis players, but table tennis is China's 'soft power', can be set in the international image of China." Pave the way from the ice in Sino-US diplomacy, to do all the gold medals to boost the world's people Family morale, to explore the way for the sports system, until the spread of Chinese soft power, the political mission of table tennis in China is expanding, and the birth of China's Table Tennis Academy itself is a complex process. Forced out of the pilot - to avoid players "gamble Life" 10 years ago, table tennis and even China suffered a sports competition to select seedlings crisis. The tragic fate of the red crown failed to make child generation's parents no longer want their children to gamble in life. This time next year, the Chinese Table Tennis Academy will get their first session of the newborn, according to its organizer - the State Sports General Administration of Ping Yu center vision part of the students from the provincial team athletes in service, part of the Combination from another pilot units - located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China Table Tennis Association Table Tennis School (hereinafter referred to as "Table Tennis Association Table Tennis School"). September 2, from 122 youth across the country, in the State Sports Cai Zhenhua, deputy director of General Administration under the watchful eye and become the first Table Tennis Association Table Tennis school students. Apartment buildings on the two lines inscribed motto Cai Zhenhua, indicating that this new attempt to change school's ambition: "wisdom" Champion of the Road Shop , "Ping" a wonderful life. Group of 8-15 year-olds will be located in Nantong, Tongzhou District, were sent to the tidal flat of Jiangsu provincial primary schools, secondary schools on the tidal flat culture class - with some other young athletes sports school or even listening to the radio during training " Listen to "cultural studies compared to those children living in schools is of very lucky." There is only one winner, many people are when the players but we have to be responsible for each child. "China's table tennis school principals Yan Dingsheng the South Weekend, told reporters that it "China" at the beginning of the new sports school "Integration" in experience only a handful in the country. Glory for the country is considered as the top priority, from the planned economy era of the sports system does not allow athletes with a lot of time to join the culture of learning. According to media reports, the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Academy of Social Sciences Gaucher Feng said, whether amateur sports school or sports school, learning is often interrupted because of cultural and delays, "the vast majority of young people engaged in sports training, did not complete the nine-year compulsory education, the culture is always at a very low Level hovering. "Chinese Players in the resulting" quality gates "frequently occur, and some retired players and therefore more and more narrow way - an internationally renowned world champion, even the Chinese Pinyin is not, but the down and out of various national champion in life, but also by public opinion, sadly. On the surface, this does not affect the achievements of Chinese Sports: Beijing Olympic Games on China's table tennis clean sweep of the gold medal, but a note of worry is not the outside world is that the crisis has been selected Talent Now. Successive years of declining enrollment news sports schools often hit the newspapers, and in accordance with the usual proportion of professional team sports school transportation to the provinces the proportion of elite athletes, it was only 10% of the total, if not 90% of the "Kentucky" as a foil , The "spire" will no longer exist. As early as 2000, many people in the industry has to sniff out signs of the crisis. That time, the child generation of the "90", "80" began to grow up and the tragic fate of the red crown of failure, so that parents are cautious. " Unless it is particularly difficult family circumstances, some large cities of the parents no longer willing to gamble in life, children, sports, or bitter. "Former world champion Liu Founder Table Tennis Club, told the Southern Weekend, general manager of record Persons. However, the Chinese Table Tennis Association Table Tennis Table Tennis Academy provides schools and the way out, perhaps to increase interest in the parents - after graduating from high school, in addition to the national team, provincial team these traditional paths, the children can go to the Chinese Table Tennis College ball further studies, in addition to table tennis training, will also receive formal education and access to the normal undergraduate degree - in accordance with the degree requirements set by the students after graduation to get a degree in education, "Bachelor Master Dr. Shi and no exceptions will be attached in the final 'table tennis professional'. "China's Table Tennis Academy executive director, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education Dean told the Southern Weekend reporter chapter completed. This means that the failure of the athletes, as well as university graduates the opportunity to choose a life for himself. "Uncontested top dog" in fear and "Table Tennis Confucius Institute" 2008 Beijing Olympics, the ITTF President Shalala publicly expressed the hope that China will help other countries to improve their activity levels. In fact, the establishment of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy, not only to develop "one of us." Pressure from overseas do not need to say, In addition, it has China, "table tennis Confucius Institute" ambition. The mood seems quite urgent, in accordance with the planning program, China's Table Tennis Academy will endeavor to 2020, students and domestic students is 1:1 ratio, to 150, foreign players will be joint training with the Chinese students, and participated in Level of domestic competition. Executive director of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy under the chapter completed to say, students or foreign national will appear in the form of concentration, "the question of which of several national teams, the final say by the Pingyu center." Zhang said that these students Scholarships will enjoy the treatment. "Mayor Shen Xiaoming (Shanghai vice mayor in charge of education) said, if the Shanghai Sports Institute have enough money to out by the Shanghai Municipal Government." And Table Tennis Association Table Tennis goal of the school is the training table tennis players around the world. "Keep the wolf "Is also compelling." The world's no suspense game "," Chinese people play the game ", which is the audience laugh, exposing the Chinese table tennis team depressing reality: the audience is being drastically reduced. In addition to watching To five-star red flag raised on the field constantly, Chinese audiences have been very difficult to outshine others from this team who find more fun. Even more critical is that the Chinese table tennis team to face international pressure. Completion of said Chapter, as early as 2005 before the Beijing Olympics and 2007, respectively, the ITTF had planned a large Beijing Sport University and Beijing Studies to establish training center for the athletes to provide opportunities for joint training in China, but for various reasons unable to do so. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the ITTF President Shalala publicly expressed the hope that China can take on the responsibility of power tennis, helping other countries improve sports standards, "if a country dominate the game Difficult to get a chance to show other countries. "Maybe the fear of becoming the world's table tennis's" uncontested top dog ", when in March 2009 Cai Zhenhua Xu Yinsheng, who took over from the President of the Chinese Table Tennis Association baton, the light of the first to" fire "Is" keep the wolf. " Is mid-January, the second team coach Liu Guozheng led the Nanping Dusseldorf, Germany with local athletes to train with the club, opened the "stocking" the prelude, but the effect is not obvious - on the World Table Tennis Championships in Yokohama, after, Chinese team swept five individual one-two again. So "captive model" was adopted: A A Chinese table tennis league this year, there will be four foreign teams entered the war. The birth of China's Table Tennis Academy, will no doubt "captive mode" fixed, standardization. "Captive Plan" training through the University Center for International Table Tennis Federation under the implementation of the foreign coaches, referees and youth, Will be given, including Liu Guoliang, Shi Zhihao, including China's top coaches. China's Table Tennis Academy's appetite, not just "keep the wolf." The near future, one modeled on the Japanese and Korean judo and taekwondo school school "Chinese Table Tennis Academy" will be everywhere overseas, and Jiang in Shanghai Bay Stadium in a clearing, the world's first table tennis museum will be born here. Their common mission is to spread the Chinese table tennis culture. "Table tennis is China's 'soft power', can be set in the international China's image. "Zhang said completion, Table Tennis Academy was established for this purpose Center for Humanities and Social Sciences research, experts, including Xu Yinsheng, such as table tennis community Yuan Daren retired senior officials. Table Tennis Promotion of overseas branch of the Confucius Institute to some extent replicated the pattern: co-operation with foreign countries authorized to provide housing, funding and personnel, and accept the guidance of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy. Confucius Institute Over the past six years, nearly 300 have achieved a miracle. According to existing experience, build confidence chapter. "We have sports schools and universities in St. Petersburg Russia, the first martial arts is about the birth of Confucius Institute, has received approval Hanban." Political logic behind the sport - with the ambition to compete in Shanghai Shanghai was the cradle of table tennis world champion, but lost its former glory in recent years, while China Shanghai Table Tennis Academy will re-ignite hope. One question is, why is this so "Chinese" name and assume such a responsibility of the Table Tennis Academy located in Shanghai, not Beijing. In fact, as early as 2000, the State Sports General Administration of initiation when the idea of setting up Table Tennis Academy, Shanghai is not the object of its consideration, the preferred is a subsidiary of General Administration of Sport of Beijing Sport University - both the teachers Or geographical location, which are China's top sports universities more competitive than the Shanghai Sports Institute; be disadvantages are obvious: no money. For just hosted the General Administration of Sport for the Beijing Olympics, 130 million is not a small sum, but this is just the pre-investment in infrastructure. Since the upper body and lower North relations, General Administration of Sport of funds allocated in subsequent issues Also have been concerns. "If the North with the Administration of the body after the money, saying it was spent for the Table Tennis Academy, you say how to ensure the General Administration of earmarking the money?" Xu Yinsheng involved in the matter told the Southern Weekend reporter, but if To the Shanghai Sports Institute has no such concerns. 2001, originally as part of the Shanghai Sports Bureau Shanghai Municipal Education Commission was placed under the head of the institute, the annual financial allocation of education funding from Shanghai. More difficult than the preparation of funding. "To high with hope that it is because the General Administration of Sport is not a subsidiary of Shanghai Second Institute of the institute." Built in that chapter, not increase the total establishment in the country under the premise of General Administration of Sport To apply for a new establishment is almost impossible task, and even less number of leadership positions deputy department director. These problems to Shanghai to have no problem. "50 teachers out of the preparation part of the institute from Shanghai, Shanghai Education Commission to the part of the College by the Shanghai party secretary, a deputy party secretary of the institute part-time." But the state Institute of Sport General Administration intends to table tennis in Shanghai, but it is 2009 Chinese New Year for the future. In 2007, a large body of the breakdown of negotiations with Beijing, the Peking University, Beijing hosted the Olympic Games since table tennis tournament, began to enter the body Education Bureau's attention. Liu has been involved in the matter of the Southern Weekend reporter recalled, Beijing University, "often with the nation to do some things more closely linked, school leaders very seriously," but because of not taking into account the strength of hardware and software as other professional bodies School, Beijing University eventually gave up the cooperation. 2009 Spring Festival in Shanghai, Xu Yinsheng the go-between table tennis champion, the Shanghai Vice Mayor Shen Xiaoming and Cai Zhenhua hand to pull together. "I was sending text messages to Cai Zhenhua; 'Willingness to put Shanghai? 'He said:' would consider ', but Vice Mayor Shen Xiaoming, the answer is' full support'. "Xu said." Shanghai was the cradle of table tennis world champion, but lost its former glory in recent years. " Xu Yinsheng said the arrival of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy to re-ignite the championship in Shanghai. Shanghai is indeed full support. Chapter completed recalls, when he was drafted together with the program and Pingyu Center, Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission is responsible for coordinating the Financial Bureau. A report on when the end of 2009 the Secretary to the General Administration of Sports for comments he ran all the resistance. "Light program spent a month away." Zhang built, for example, Laws and Regulations that the institute called the Shanghai Institute of Chinese Table Tennis Wrong, it is recommended into the body of Table Tennis in Shanghai Institute of General Office of Shanghai Sports Institute to the letter specifically asked to explain, "Our response is that the Chinese Table Tennis Academy a better world." To the world, in fact is the Shanghai The dream of the institute to enhance the international influence of China's Table Tennis Academy is just one of the benefits it brings, "but also improve discipline construction, driving school infrastructure." Zhang said. And compared to Shanghai, Nantong, Tongzhou cooperation with the General Administration of Sport is much to be well. Table Tennis Association Table Tennis final choice of schools located in Nantong, in the General Administration of Sport Science and Education Secretary Jiang Zhi study appears Nantong advance as China Combination Identity, is more attention to the General Administration of Sport. Tongzhou District Juvenile Sports School in 1989 and began Combination attempt, "less than that of general sports school, but children much staying power, competitive project, if not a little cultural basis, is often short-lived." Yan Ding Students said that the cultural achievements Sports School children are above average grade in the Tongzhou District, and finally even if not a professional team to play, but also a considerable part of being admitted to university. And "a considerable part been accepted," This is obviously tempted enough General Administration of Sport. For Nantong Tongzhou District, the reward is invisible visibility more, because input-output ratio of view, Tongzhou can not rely on this to generate income - an investment 90 million, two put 40 million, but the ping-pong Ball school tuition fees per person per year is only 1.6 million, more than 100 students next. The only visible return is that you can train more local point of world champion. "This year 122 students from 15 local Nantong." Principal Yanding Sheng said. Revolution or Reform? Contradictions in the Combination Both nationwide system will continue to be given in the future what position, but as the representative of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy "Integration" technical new ideas will be verified in a few years. Founder of two schools in the General Administration of Sport Science and Education Secretary Jiang Zhi school view, "primarily in response to the State Council called for." This year in March, the State Council issued a guidance, calling on athletes to enhance culture, education and livelihood security, "to promote a Major Chinese sports power forward from sports." Then select the General Administration of Sport of Jiangsu, Shanghai and other cities to start a 1-year pilot. Has been in China for over two decades Combination, has been criticized for "a mere formality." "Although the leaders at all levels that the player no culture is a problem, but forced by pressure of the game, hoping to athletes Little more practice learning culture. "Xu Yinsheng said. This time, the policy finally had some substantial breakthroughs. For example, sports and education sector "to establish a joint system and supervision system", "Local governments at all levels of education to the development of the local sports school building into Planning "," education department is responsible to the Sports School selected outstanding teachers. " But such a "breakthrough" just reflects the contradiction of Combination. Because of different performance evaluation indices in China, sports and education sectors in the two systems in parallel implementation of the "Combination" are often fragmented. Failed to support the campus development program soccer this. Last June, the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education, a coalition of leading group, determined to "Combination" to "Football ruled by" a reality. But more than a year later, the "historic joint" has not been Any improvement. A Football Association officials involved in the project, said in an interview, "only the education sector exemplar attitude. Football do not do a go, no direct relationship with the education sector. Whether or Principal Secretary of Education , Interest rates are further studies. "The simple is the establishment of the China Table Tennis Academy has not encountered a similar bottleneck - the Shanghai Sports Institute has the right to grant a doctorate in education, so only apply for next year, the Ministry of Education Reported that "table tennis professional" can be. On the other hand, Tsinghua University diving team once the fate of dilemma is also reflected in the education sector the situation is hard man. Established in 1997, the team had been given for the Combination Pathfinder's expectations, but because 2001 abolished the State Sports General Administration set up specifically for the "double up" system (both players can represent their respective schools, where they can participate in sports system on behalf of the game), personnel have fled. "In control of the sports sector Right to host the national tournament, outstanding players such as the right selection of resources, which makes high school sports talent training is difficult to enter the national competition system. "" People's Daily "has the author even behind the Tsinghua University diving team," If the funding and Students is the 'Combination' visible barricades, then this road system is the most lethal 'minefield'. "The success of Nantong Combination is that it breaks the physical education department of their own way of contradictions. 12, 2007 Month, and Education departments have jointly launched Nantong attempt Yan Dingsheng Sports Bureau transferred to the Tongzhou District, but also was appointed Deputy Secretary for Education, the benefits of this model is obvious. "To avoid passing the buck between departments, Cost savings and improved efficiency. "Yan said. But no matter whether the final push Combination depth, but all must serve the strategy of the major premise of the gold medal. Soon after the Beijing Olympic Games, being a reporter asked, "Will China continue to adhere to competitive sports nationwide system ", The State Sports Minister Liu Peng abnormal firm answer," Because It is our tradition, both coagulant, the role of mobilization. "No matter nationwide system will continue to be given in the future about how the However, as the representative of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy's "Combination" technical new ideas will be verified in a few years - then, the Table Tennis Association Table Tennis School will be the first high school students, for other projects Combination Pathfinder is one of the school's mission, the children's way to good and bad players will directly determine the fate of other projects. Institute of the Chinese table tennis in a bit late for college students who have some proof of the value of their existence, and for China's sports system, to find a technical way of solution.
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