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Shock wave of the Asian Games Table Tennis: replacing the old East very dreadfu
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Ge Huizhong: Asian Games in Guangzhou, from Japan, Korea and Chinese Taipei teams such as the new face of the East Asian tradition of Chinese table tennis team to feel Houshengkewei. Although the Chinese team recently completed a new replacing the old, can be From the average age, Japanese men's team is only 21.6 years, Chinese Taipei women's team is only 22 years old, men's and women's team than China is lower. Coincidentally, in this Asian Games table tennis stadium, the first strong shock wave is by a young Chinese Taipei women's team manufacturing. In the first round of the first group stage match, women's team face the strength of Chinese Taipei Strong China team, one up on the teenager Zheng Yijing creating a big upset. She defeated 3 to 1 GUO Yue (micro-Bobo-off), so the competition experienced Olympic champion to open the door put a dummy gun. Zheng Yijing only 18 this year Years old, all the way to advance women's singles competition, she 16, knockout round she played 7 game world champion Feng Tianwei, only loss to a 3 to 4. This shows that the original upset victory over Guo Yue Zheng Yijing, not luck. Over time, Zheng Yijing certainly one of the world class players ranks. But Zheng Yijing is not the Asian Games women's table tennis on the youngest rising star. Ishikawa from Japan's only 17 years old this year, pure, but harvested two medals. It is great to play with pure Ishikawa, Japanese women's team quarter-finals in the women's team world champions Singapore team will be dragged into a deciding set. The main game as played purely Ishikawa, and in the first game 3 to 1 in order to beat the champion Wang Yue Gu, the final set Ishikawa Pure and Feng Tianwei played 5 lost to 2 to 3, if it is pure Ishikawa extensive qualifications and experience again some of the new Division women's team is likely to miss the World Championship semi-finals. Pure, respectively, followed by Ishikawa and Ai Fukuhara and partner Kenta Matsudaira In women's doubles and mixed doubles in both Final Four games, the success on the podium. At the same time, Japan's new in the male line impact of more intense. In the men's singles knockout round, the 19 year-old Kenta Matsudaira face top-ranked Malone was 2 to 1 in the big lead, but No. 4 Board Was 7 to 4 lead, but finally lost in the experience. Kenta Matsudaira other not only with pure Ishikawa mixed doubles partner to get the bronze, also with the cooperation Niwa Xiao Xi won the bronze medal men's doubles. Only 16-year-old Xiao Xi is the current Asian Games Niwa At the youngest table tennis player. Japan's new National People's Congress in the limelight at the same time, the young doubles from Korea ZHENG real / Kim Min tin also issued a strong shock wave. ZHENG Wen-year implementation of tin and gold are only 18 years old, They reached the doubles all the way Semi-finals, in the semi-Frame by Firm / Kim Min Wang Hao to win the tin and then / Zhang Branch Wars 7 to 3 to 4 loss to Council. It is worth mentioning that in the real game Cheng Wing Gee / Kim Min Zeng Yi 3 to 2 tin big lead. Such as China Nanping Coach Liu Guoliang said, if this is the team event, doubles wins 3 of 5 Board, and if so, it will be very passive. To be sure, these new faces amongst the strongest teams from the East, but also to the Chinese table tennis future Teams bring more impact and trouble.
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