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Non-public enterprise systems Shunyi District Table Tennis Competition held in
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November 27, "non-public enterprises in Shunyi District, the second system - KAIFU Jewelry" Cup Table Tennis Competition Law of the letter in the Southern town of Albert Hui Heng Investment Co., Ltd. Table organized by the Office. The competition has been the region's strong support of the majority of non-public enterprises, a total of seven butterflies Culture Company, Geng Dan College and the letter of the town within the South France South Cable Co., Ltd. Shunda Hotel, Grand China Air 117 units of 28 athletes, competition is divided into two women's singles and men's singles. Game, players are not afraid of strong opponents and energetic, thunderous cheering audience, the atmosphere lively. By race, the majority of enterprise employees a wealth of amateur cultural life, promote the friendship of everyone, the majority of non-public enterprises, set off A Good, hard work first to the boom.
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