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8 years of peace in the community table tennis competition
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Recently, Airport Road, the street Lubei seventeenth peace in the community elderly table tennis began. It is understood that, since 2002, the community has been held for 8 consecutive years of this contest, well received by residents. In recent years, the city has increased the intensity of community and cultural infrastructure, the community facilities to be further improved. People in the communities of peace center, dedicated to one of the 60 square meters of houses into a table tennis room, for residents to practice in peacetime and held twice a year table tennis are still here, each playing time the past three months . De-67, and that game led to more and more residents to join the activities, not only greatly enriched the cultural life of the masses of amateur, mobilized the enthusiasm of people to participate in fitness, but also the effective promotion of the people in the neighborhood exchange and communication, community relations with the masses become more harmonious.
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