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Full name: Poplar Birthday: 1976-01-01 native place: Heibei shows effectiveness club: Height of 6 clubs of Heibei: 171cm is initiative play a ball game: 6 years old of technologies make a way: Motherboard of orange sponge bat: Sponge of butterfly forehand rubber: Sponge of YASAKA backhand rubber: Butterfly unripe glue plays a ball game experience: Entered national group 1997 into the team that save city 1996 main military successes:
Tounament of 99 years of whole nations female sheet the 3rd
2000 countrywide tounament female group, female Chan Guanjun
Sweden surpassed female Shuang Guanjun publicly in November 2000 (with Niu Jianfeng)

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