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Jin Enhua
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Full name: Golden favour China Birthday: 1977-03-18 native place: Zhejiang Hangzhou shows effectiveness club: Height of club of Zhejiang sea day: 173cm is initiative play a ball game: 7 years old of technologies make a way: Two sides arc encircles bat motherboard: Sponge of YASAKA forehand rubber: Sponge of butterfly backhand rubber: Butterfly plays a ball game experience: Entered national group 1994 into the team that save city 1990 main military successes:
The whole nation was surpassed 1996 male double the 3rd
The whole nation surpassed a male single 1998 the 5th, mix double the 5th
9 carry were met 2001 male group the 6th name, male pair the 6th

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