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Liu Guozheng
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Full name: Liu country Birthday: 1980-03-07 native place: Hubei shows effectiveness club: Height of Shandong Lu Neng club: 167cm is initiative play a ball game: 6 years old of technologies make a way: The right hand is horizontal board two sides turns over glue bat motherboard: Sponge of H-LG forehand rubber: Hurricane 3 orange sponge, sponge of rubber of black rubber backhand: Butterfly plays a ball game experience: Entered national group 1994 into the team that save city 1991 main military successes:
World newest rank: 16

1998 Asian tounament male round champion
International pinged couplet profession itinerate surpasses champion of total final male single 1999
2000 Asian tounament male round champion
Itinerate of profession of international ping couplet surpassed total final male single 2000 runner-up, male double the 3rd
2000 tounament of the 45th world male round runner-up
2001 tounament of the 46th world male round champion
Shan Yayun met boiler 2002 male round champion
Tounament of the 47th world mixed Shuang Yajun 2003
2003 Asian tounament male group, mix Shuang Guanjun, male double the 3rd
Malaysia surpassed male single, male Shuang Guanjun publicly 2003

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