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Ping assist male ping of Sichuan of pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone valu
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After the end of the year held ping to exceed investor conference first last year, china pings assist absorbed everybody's precious opinion, according to the proposal of investor, china pings assist rolled out constitution of new sports season a few days ago, exceed new sports season to have multinomial and major reform to ping among them.

A few reform in new regulation exceed in this ping, the false ball that basically is the existence in be aimed at past league matches, tacit ball and set. 2005 ping exceeds league matches the 2nd phase, league matches will adopt special plan cent kind, was in the past no longer " win 2 be defeated 1 " , and if be opposite,turn into a two teams rank differ 6 above, the team before the rank leans is defeated adversary, then they will not notch. To this reform, bishop of Sichuan male ping drills Liu Ping expresses to comparative approbate, he thinks this will improve the past to always can appear in league matches end energetically undoubtedly " tacit ball " , " strange ball " occasion, "If which again dare informal concede points, then they also can be dropped possibly demote circle. " besides be on guard outside false ball, ping assist how will also let ping exceed in this second reform more attract people eyeball to regard one big focal point as, collide greatly to can let star team is performed more, china pings assist return rigid regulation, be opposite a both sides 1, 2 players must appear in two singles afore, and a player can undertake two singles match only, and the player sort that platoon of bilateral proper motion decides circulates in must not change in Cheng of be better than.

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