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General rules of rules of competition of games of the 10th whole nation (draft)
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Body contest word [2003]101 date

About People's Republic of China of print and distribute the 10th games
Agonistic rules general rules (draft) announcement

Production of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang builds corps sports bureau, bureau of sports of ministry of total ginseng military training, total politics bureau of propagandist department style, each industry put oneself in another's position assist,
Now will " People's Republic of China general rules of rules of competition of the 10th games (draft) " print and distribute gives you, consult please carry out.

(general office chapter)
2 OO3 year on August 18

People's Republic of China the 10th games
Agonistic rules general rules (draft)

Holding games of the 10th whole nation is to prepare for war in the round 2008 the Olympic Games, take exercise and foster talent of outstanding athletic sports, drive the development of facilities of our country sports further, for socialism construction makes contribution. Games of the 10th whole nation should act on economizing spirit, leave civilization, ardently, wonderful, satisfactory, game goes style, contest to give a standard, create an a batch of new records, new grade hard, emerge in large numbers gives a batch of new person with abilities.
One, agonistic date and place:
In Jiangsu the province was held 2005, specific time is waited for calm.
2, agonistic project:
Swim (diving, polo, water ballet) , oarage of archery, track and field, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, skin (lotic and whirly) , bicycle, horsemanship (speed horse race) , fencing, football, gymnastics (artistic gymnastics, skip bed) , .
Above project is provisional, finally will with international Olympic committee authorized setting of Olympic Games project was a basis 2008. Small setting of each contest project unites regulation of authorized rules of each project competition to carry out according to national sports total bureau.
3, attend an unit:

(2) afore-mentioned units are needed on December 31, 2003 before to national sports with written form total bureau affirms sign up attend games of the 10th whole nation, talk with attending otherwise.
4, athlete qualification:
(one) citizen of People's Republic of China.
(2) examination of branch of classics medical affairs proves healthy qualification.
(3) the athlete that each delegacy attends games of the 10th whole nation, must according to " about applying < countrywide athlete is registered manage method with communication (try out) > announcement " (body contest word [2003]82 date) regulation, register at 2004 year period (came on December 1, 2003 on January 31, 2004) inside undertake registered; Total bureau of hold country sports issues " athlete of countrywide sports contest registers card " , must attend 2004 with match of 2005 year whole nation or international match; Games of the 10th whole nation represents the athlete the qualification is registered with 2005 year period (came on December 1, 2004 on January 31, 2005) inside registered delegate unit is accurate.
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