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The central opinion that works about be strengthened further and improving new p
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1984, since the Party Central Committee founds a state in summary especially job of sports of the our country after reforming and opening is main on the foundation of experience, gave out " the announcement about developing athletic sports further " (in hair [1984]20 date) , the guiding ideology that put forward to accelerate facilities of our country sports to develop, main task and working measure. Come nearly 20 years, party Committee of all levels, government and sports system are in " announcement " below mental guidance, begin activity of fitness of the whole people energetically, carry out " Olympic Games win honour for plans " , masses sports is begun flourishingly, people constitution increases generally. Athletics sports ascends world sports arena in the round, achieve beautiful accomplishment repeatedly on international competition ground. The sports facilities of our country obtained the achievement that attract worldwide attention, develop to promoting economy and main effect arrived since social progress. But also should see, at present sports of field of sports of our country average per capita, average per capita is consumed and often attend the number of sports activity, develop with the world or relatively developed country photograph is compared, still lie inferior level; Between the area, urban and rural between difference of sports development rate is bigger; Project of athletics sports advantage is not much, mothball power is insufficient. Analyse current sports condition objectively in the round, consider to adopt corresponding countermeasure, it is the premise that accelerates sports facilities progress. As the arrival of new century, our country already entered overall construction comparatively well-off society, accelerate the new development level that advances socialistic modernization. 2001, beijing is won successfully the Olympic Games held advantageous position 2008, this reflected the positive result of plentiful and substantial of our country reforming and opening adequately, economy of our country of new to driving century and society develop, form all-around, mutiple level, wide field to open to the outside world pattern, raise the international position of our country, will produce far-reaching influence.
Prepare and hold the Olympic Games reached disabled Olympic Games 2008, the important matter of since Beijing and sporting world, also be the grand occasion of the people of the whole country; The historical opportunity with rare since, also be faced with new challenge. Grab opportunity, receive a challenge, try hard the Olympic Games and disabled Olympic Games did the most outstanding Olympic Games on the history 2008, accelerate the full-scale development of facilities of our country sports, satisfy the sports culture demand that numerous people grows increasingly, borrow this to drive civilization of material of our country socialism to build the development with cultural and ideological progress, it is a of entire party, various government and the people of all nations collective task. Party Committee of all levels, government should be chance with this, be strengthened further and improve job of new period sports. Raise the following opinion to this now.
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